Saturday, November 3, 2012

Game "Great Balls of Fire" Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Can you de-score balls? Intentionally – no.

Can the human player put all 4 Fire Balls on a robot at once? No, Robots can only hold or control one Fire Ball at a time. This includes “intentional” pushing of a Fire Ball.
Is there a limit to the # of plasma balls that can be carried? - No limit.
Can Fire Balls be rolled or bounced onto the field. No. human players can only “place” fire balls onto their alliance’s robots or into the floor “in” their safe zone.

Can human players touch plasma or fire balls that are pushed into the safe zone (ie. the ball fell off the robot and they want the human player to put it back on) ? – No. Once a ball is placed on the field it is considered part of the field and players cannot touch either the field or their robots for any reason.

Can you score points for parking on either ramp or just your own? - Either ramp is open to both alliances. Robots may block a ramp but cannot push a robot off of a ramp once a robot is fully on the ramp (all four wheels in contact with the top of a ramp defines being fully on the ramp).

Are Plasma Balls only worth 4 points in autonomous?  They are scored both at the end of autonomous and at the end of the game. This results in them being worth 8 points each if scored in autonomous and they remain in the fire pit at the end of the match.
How tall is the barrier showing the outside edge of the Fire Pit? Approximately 4 ½ inches tall.
What happens if a robot falls in the Fire Pit? If it happens during autonomous it will be righted and set up right on the ramp. During the driver controlled period it will be left as is until the end of the match.

For parking in autonomous, do you need to be fully on your opponent's side of the field, or partially?  In order to be scored the robot must be completely on the other side of the field with no portion of the robot breaking the plane of the white tape dividing the field.
Can you steal balls that are in your opponent's possession? – No but you can fight for possession. Once a ball is in possession by a robot you must leave them alone.
Can you go in to an opponent's safe zone? No, but you can try to block it but this is a risky strategy. You could get pushed into the zone and incur a penalty.
How much is a penalty?  Penalties are 10 points each.
How many team members can be in the loading zone?  Two
Does an alliance have to put the Fire Balls in play? No

Are the balls counted only if they are in the put or if they are simply on our side of the field?   They must be "scored" which means placed in the fire pit.

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