Thursday, November 14, 2013

Field Control System

Hello teams,

Some of you may know that we are incorporating a Field Control System into this seasons robotics challenge, and with that, comes a change in how we write code. Over the past week, we have written a programming “manual” on how to set up a file, and create basic code. We have also noticed that you have no way to test your autonomous code out, so we have created a mode changing switch that attach to your joysticks with motor screws.

At the start of the season, we took the battery backup holders out of your kits, because we didn't know what they were used for, and didn't think they were necessary. Well, we have found out what they do, and you can mount them on your robot if you want to. We have one for every team.

We will be at the high school from 3PM to 6PM on Wednesday and Thursday if you need to pick up any extra parts. Your team can also pick up the mode switch and the battery backup holder. Note: This is not a build meeting, so you don’t need to bring your robot. If you think you need help mounting the switch to your joystick, bring that along, and we can help you.

Here is the link to the programming manual. I suggest you all read it, so you have an understanding on how EasyC works. If you have any questions, you can email me, and I can help you myself, or I can direct you to someone who can answer your question. Link:

Andrew K.
KING TeC 2169