Sunday, November 13, 2016

KING TeC Minne Mania Robotics Tournament 2016

King TeC hosts the Minne Mania Regional Robotics Tournament on Saturday November 19. 

 This competition is a re-play of last season's FRC game. 

 More than 2000 people will visit the tournament to watch 36 FRC teams from all over Minnesota & North Dakota compete. 

 There will also be several teams of local elementary students competing in an FLL (First Lego League) tournament and a JrFLL (Jr First Lego League) Demonstration. 

 It will be located at Prior Lake High School from 7am - 6pm.  

Here's a complete list of the tournament rules and competing teams: 

Photos and videos from last year's tournament:

2015 Minne Mania Setup Timelapse

Short video that shows KING TeC's robot building a stack during one of it's matches:

Sunday, November 6, 2016